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At Barson's Greenhouse, 
We will be happy to help you design a VERY good filteration filter for you water garden.

We'll be happy to determine the filter size to meet your needs.

The size of filter needed is based on the size of your pond, volume of water, and the number of fish you plan to have.

We like to target 30% of your pond to filter. The example is 1000 gal. pond, we would like 300 gal filter. That sound excessive, but if you what great water quality and clear water that is what it takes.

I have a friend in the business that I robbed this next sentence which hits the nail on the head.
I have 2 jars, one is good healthy water the other is battery acid. Which is which? The point is clear water does not mean healthy water.

We use different types of media. Ribbon which is light and works great, not as expensive as sponges.
Sponges which work, just hard to clean with out killing the bacteria and is very expensive.

We would prefer to have the bio filter separate from the waterfalls, but if the only place is the waterfall we can put them in the falls. The reason we what the filters separate we can move the water slower in the filters than in a fast moving waterfall. The more contact time with the bio media, better the detoxification of the water. Which means healthy water.