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Following is a listing of some of the aquatic plants we will have this year for in and around your pond. This is not a complete listing, so if you're looking for a plant not listed, please ask us.

Botanical Name Common Name Zone  
Arum Arrow Arum 5  
Azolla Fairy Moss 8  
Ruellia Bluebell (blue) 8  
Ruellia Bluebell (pink) 8  
Caltha Palustris Marsh Marigold 4  
Canna Bengal Tiger 8  
Canna Striped Beauty 8  
Canna Candy Stripe 8  
Lobelia Cardinalis Cardinal Flower 4  
Houttuynia cordata Chameleon Plant 6  
Marsilea Quadrifolia Clover, Four Leaf 7  
Juncus e. Corkscrew Rush 5  
Gymnocoronis spilanthoides Water Snowball 9  
Crinum Crinum, Green Leaf 8  
Crinum Crinum, Variegated Leaf 8  
Lemna minor Duckweed 5  
Cyperus Giant Papyrus 8  
Equisetum, h. Horsetail Rush 5  
Cyperus gigantius Mexican Papyrus 8-10' 8  
Crinum, W. Indies Mini Bog Lily 8  
Ranunculus, flammula Mini Spearwort    
Menyanthes trifolia Bog Bean 6  
Pontederia cordata Pickeral Rush, Blue 5  
Pontederia cordata Pickeral Rush, Pink 5  
Pontederia cordata Pickeral Rush, White    
Phalaris arundinacea Ribbon Grass (strawberries 'n cream)    
Juncus Variegated Rush 5  
Sagittaria Sagittaria    
Salvinia Salvinia    
Carex nigra Black Flowering Sedge 5  
Sagittaria Sagittaria, Crushed Ice    
Dichromena colorata Star Grass 8  
Colocasia esculenta,blk Taro, Black Magic 8  
Colocasia esculenta Taro, Green 8  
Colocasia antiquorum Imperial Taro 8  
Alocasia amazonica Taro, Variegated, Hilo Beauty 8  
Colocasia esculenta Taro, Violet Stemmed (Fontanesii) 8  
Cyperus alternifolius Umbrella Palm, Regular, Med,Dwarf 8  
Oenanthe javanica Variegated Water Celery (Flamingo) 6  
Eichhornia crassipes Water Hyacinth 8  
Pistia stratiotes Water Lettuce 9  
Hydrocotyle verticullata Water Pennywort 6  
Alisma plantago Water Plantain 5  
Typha augustifolia Cattail, Narrow Leaf 5  
Typha laxmannii Cattail, Graceful 5  
Typha latifolia Cattail, Variegated 5  
Sagittaria montevidensis Giant Arrowhead 9  
Scirpus tabernae Rush, zebra 6  
Echinodorus cordifolius Echinodorus 'Marble Queen'