Hello Barson Buddies

Locally owned, Michigan grown!

Hello Barson Buddies


Is winter here? I think so.

We have our grave blanket, Poinsettias, Wreathes, Porch pots, Roping, many more items and our GREAT fresh cut FRAISER fir Christmas trees!

As fast as the trees are selling, don’t wait. Already sold over 10% and they just went up 11/24/18 to give you a date reference.

If you have any questions drop an email to joe@barsons.com subject line put plant question so it doesn’t get deleted

Check our specials page, we will be updating it as we add seminars and such.

Thanks for checking our website. The directional parking has worked real good. Entering on Merriman rd. and exiting onto Maplewood. This will make it easier for pulling in and backing out of the parking spots.

If you have a topic’s you want us to cover in our seminars please email me at joe@barsons.com and we will see what we can do.

We have also gone 99% pesticide free, well almost! Doing our best to help mother earth. We are using biological controls, what that means is bugs eating bugs. You’ll see or not see beneficial bugs. 

Like us on Facebook, I can post to Facebook faster and easier for those spontaneous sale items, say like perennial sales!

Ponders we have all the supplies you’ll need to get your water garden or fish habitat ready for yours and their enjoyment. Remember to that fish you’re GOD! You need to keep their house clean and healthy and we’re here to help you do that. If you have Koi they live to 80 years!

Can you believe that we’ll be celebrating 38 years this year 2018!


To be continued.


Nov/Dec Hours:
Monday – Friday 9-6
Saturday 9-6
Sunday 10-5

Barson’s Greenhouse
6414 N. Merriman Rd.
Westland, Michigan