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Well Summer is gone Fall is here!!


Pumpkins look GREAT best in years. Corn stalks, pies and straw are in.

Posted our pond closing seminar times, check seminar page for dates and time.

We have a new feature on our website. At the bottom of this page is a plant finder. It's up and running now. Think it will help you a lot in your garden design. Right now when you look at a variety of perennials we track it and we may not have the plants is stock anymore, but we will see what your looking for and we're able to plan and plant better next year.


Organic gardeners we have "Organically Done fertilizer" in. Good stuff for your veggie gardens.

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Been going to a lot of trade shows looking for that something special. Lots of fairy garden items coming in for the holidays and spring. Looks like we'll have solor operated pond pumps next year so far they look promising.


Can you believe that we'll be celebrating 35 years next year!


To be continued.



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