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Safe Summer!!


Well summer has arrived. Plants look good in the yards. But DON'T forget to water your containers whether it rains or not. Seen a few hanging baskets that are crying for a little food. Remember to feed your plants with "Jack's classic 20-20-20" everytime you water them. Keeps them growing and looking real nice all summer long.

Perennials are ready and looking good. We have a new feature on our website. At the bottom of this page is a plant finder. It's still a work in progress but I think it will help you a lot in your garden design. 

Lady bugs and praying mantis are in.

For you ponders we are receiving Koi in every week now. Also if you are having problems with green water in your water gardens or Koi ponds check out our pond section-summer care for a little help.


Organic gardener we have "Organically Done fertilizer" in. Good stuff for your veggie gardens.


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